Chinese Zodiac Dragon
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Chinese Zodiac Dragon

The chinese zodiac-the dragon

In general Dragons are creatures of mythology. Typically we picture them as reptile like, with scales, large teeth, wings, and fire breathing.These creatures are seen as very powerful, if you are born in the Year of the Dragon, this may be a good sign. Dragons represent dominant creatures, and usually people born in the Year of the Dragon are independent, and like to live by their own rules.  The Year of the Dragon follows the Year of the Rabbit, fifth in the cycle. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so checking the Chinese calendar is essential to see when it begins. The Year of the dragon recurs every 12 years.

People who are born in the Year of the Dragon generally have very strong characteristics. These people are optimistic, passionate, brave, risk-taking, but they may also be short-tempered. Usually they're unafraid and like challenges. They will rarely ask for help or guidance but will lend a hand to others. Bold and strong, people born in this year will seek adventures and like to travel, explore, and have fun. Strong and energetic, these people like to play games, activities, exercise, and participate in sports.

People born in the Year of the Dragon are independent and imaginative. Creativity is not a characteristic they lack. You can see your life path clear ahead of you and know where you are going. Most work hard and are quite efficient. Although these people, like power, being the head of the chain is where they want to be. Giving commands and orders is more suiting for them then receiving them. Money comes to these people rather easily. When it comes to economic decision they are well educated. Taking big risks is part of who they are. They like to spend money but they also like to donate money.

Healthy and strong are good ways to describe these people. Becoming ill is uncommon and they have strong bodies. But, headaches are common and stress is frequent. Some health problems do occur as a result of this stress. But this stress is caused by their work, and how hard they work. Activities that calm the mind and body would be beneficial to them. Striving to become less aggressive could help their bodies.

These people are usually good with people and have strong bonds and relationships. However, since they're so independent, they're love relationships partner will have to be able to tolerate and accept their dominance. When entering a relationship, these people tend to hold on, long bonds are what they strive on, and they're usually not the ones to break it off. They're able to adapt to situations and solve problems quickly. If something is bothering them they are sure to confront it. The Year of the Dragon is a very powerful year, in general people born during this time are sure t be successful and independent.

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nice article, though a bit like reading a horoscope.

great features of dragons