Best Mandarin Tutors in Long Beach
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Best Mandarin Tutors in Long Beach

The best Mandarin tutors in Long Beach, California, are located at Golden West Tutorong. Tips for learning Mandarin can be exciting as well as challenging

The best Mandarin tutors in Long Beach, California,  are located at Golden West Tutoring.  Mandarin Chinese is the official language of China and there are dialects of the language that are used in different regions. Tips for learning Mandarin can be exciting as well as challenging. Understanding the culture, the tones, vocabulary and sentence structure will help in the learning process. Learning the language takes time, patience and practice.

Engaging into a classroom environment works for some as will the audios and videos, which will help with self-instruction. It’s one thing to learn about the language, it’s another to actually speak it. Find every opportunity to practice with a native speaker and get first hand feedback in English and Chinese translation. Practicing English and Chinese translation will help with improving the use of proper pronunciations and the correct use of vocabulary.


Pick up a Mandarin English dictionary and use it for English to Mandarin Chinese translation. Think like Chinese translation services. Spoken Chinese is a tonal language. Practice reciting the tones; there are four of them; high, flat, rising, lowering dipping tone. Each Chinese character represents a sound, get a tape recorder and practice.

Tones are probably the most important segment of learning the Chinese language. The change or improper use of the wrong tone can translate incorrectly. When learning the language, be aware that the speaker will refer to tone 1 or tone 3 in voice reflection.


Chinese grammar is limited; there are no changes in verbs when it comes to past, present or future. An additional word is added to indicate time or the context of the sentence will explain it. The best way to remember the phases, the tones and pronunciation is repetition.


Practice identifying and reading the characters; each of the character forms are based on their pronunciation not their meanings. The written form is completely distinct from the vocal language spoken. Surround yourself with the culture and become part of it, listen to sounds of conversations between native Chinese.

Tutors can help beginners of any age to business professionals who need to be able to do business with Chinese representatives. Fees include group session or one on one private classes, and the tutors will travel outside of the local area for nominal travel charges.  Enjoy the art of speaking Mandarin Chinese and master the language.


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