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Chinese Culture
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The boy emperor or the last emperor, Hsian Tung led a life of luxury into exile and then that of a prisoner. This account of his life tells of the struggles for the final leader of the Manchu dynasty.
Published by John Smither 90 months ago in Chinese Culture | +21 votes | 11 comments
Gummy saliva from cliff-dwelling species of swifts produce a nest which is the main ingredient in the Chinese delicacy "Bird Nest Soup"
Published by thestickman 101 months ago in Chinese Culture | +9 votes | 9 comments
The feature known as Heavenly Gate in Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park in the Hunan province of central China is revered locally by the citizens of its closest city of Zhangjiajie for the 999 steps to reach the summit. The man-made steps carry visitors up to a hole in the mountain caused by erosion; this was thought of by Taoist monks to be the entrance to heaven.
Published by John Smither 80 months ago in Chinese Culture | +18 votes | 8 comments
The Qingming Festival also known as Tomb Sweeping Day is an important date in the cultural calendar of Chinese tradition. It is usually held on the 104th day after the occurrence of the winter solstice or the 15th day following the spring equinox, it usually occurs around the 5th day of April.
Published by John Smither 79 months ago in Chinese Culture | +16 votes | 7 comments
“It takes two to tango”, it is said. In this sense, yin and yang literally make the world go round. Science explains that yin and yang are the duality which pervades in the universe, spinning it into dynamic activity
Published by Ron Siojo 102 months ago in Chinese Culture | +15 votes | 7 comments
The Chinese Zodiac Dog. what are these people like?
Published by FactoidFactor 106 months ago in Chinese Culture | +10 votes | 7 comments
Today across Asia, caterpillar fungus is commonly used for tiredness and debility, persistent cough, kidney disease, to regulate menstruation, and anemia. And while its many medicinal properties continue to be utilized even after centuries, its use to restore sexual vigor is deemed its most powerful ability, with many Asians touting it as the secret of youth.
Published by James R. Coffey 97 months ago in Chinese Culture | +8 votes | 6 comments
The Bagua is a tool of Feng Shui that is used to identify and rectify all areas in your environment to encourage harmony, health and prosperity.
Published by Jan Reid 91 months ago in Chinese Culture | +10 votes | 5 comments
Encourage harmony and prosperity into your home, by clearing away clutter, cleaning and arranging furniture; the first simple steps to optimize Chi energy, balance The Five Elements and create good Feng Shui.
Published by Jan Reid 91 months ago in Chinese Culture | +8 votes | 5 comments
The Shaolin Temple or the Shaolin Monastery is a Chan Buddhist temple or monastery in China. This famous Buddhist temple is situated at Song Shan near Zhengzhou City Henan Province in Dengfeng, China.
Published by mdlawyer 99 months ago in Chinese Culture | +8 votes | 5 comments
Among the most ancient musical instruments of China are the plucked strings. Aside from becoming essential parts of the ensemble in the regional operas, these instruments have become favorites for solo performances, too.
Published by Athena Goodlight 101 months ago in Chinese Culture | +11 votes | 5 comments
The Fortune Frog is one of the most well-known and auspicious money-making symbols in Feng Shui. It is also why this lucky object is so popular in many homes and businesses.
Published by Jan Reid 82 months ago in Chinese Culture | +8 votes | 4 comments
Ghost marriage is a Chinese tradition. In Chinese ghost marriage, one or both the parties to the marriage are dead persons. This is all about Chinese ghost marriages
Published by mdlawyer 100 months ago in Chinese Culture | +6 votes | 3 comments
Year 2010 is the year of metal tiger in Chinese zodiac. It is all started from February 14th, 2010 until February 2nd, 2011. So, how is the characteristic of this tiger zodiac? For the first part of the reading, we need to know the character and the nature of the tiger.
Published by Activ 106 months ago in Chinese Culture | +12 votes | 3 comments
The Chinese festival known as Duanwu or the Dragon Boat Festival is a national holiday with its origins in mainland China dating back over 2000 years. The festival has strong connections with East and South East Asian culture and celebrated by Chinese communities in Malaysia and Singapore as well as in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
Published by John Smither 76 months ago in Chinese Culture | +17 votes | 2 comments
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